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A Significant Year for the Engineer – What We’re Doing

Engineering is a career choice that is not well understood by young people in the UK. With a well reported diversity and gender gap, and only 1 in 8 engineers being female, we need to double the number of engineers in the UK by 2020.

Today, with tech innovations changing the future of work, STEM industries are developing in ways we can’t even predict yet. We want to inspire young people with STEM and equip them to make the most of the vast opportunities in front of them.

In essence, engineers are creative problem solvers – applying maths, science and design technology skills to solve problems. From helping communities’ access clean water to creating software to help protect our digital data – engineers make invaluable contributions to society in ways that aren’t always visible.  An engineer’s work affects billions of people worldwide.

The Government recently launched their year-long initiative ‘Year of Engineering’ (YoE) to raise awareness amongst young people aged 7 to 16 about what it means to be an engineer.

As part of YoE, we have supported major engineering companies like Siemens and Tideway, the company building London’s new super sewer, with significant projects to help young people understand opportunities available to them in STEM careers.

What’s happening underneath us?

We were commissioned to create the Tunnelworks AR app to give students and the public the opportunity to explore what is going on underneath the city as the Thames Tideway Tunnel is being built.  Features of the app include an interactive map of Tideway’s construction sites, a 3D model of a giant Tunnel Boring Machine and profiles of career options on the project. Visit the Tunnelworks website to download the Tunnelworks AR App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Supporting girls into STEM

Zinc Communicate created the SeeWomen project to enable a collaboration between Siemens and the Girls School Association. SeeWomen aims to inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers. The showcase, delivered across the UK with Children’s BBC presenter Fran Scott, places the spotlight on modern STEM female role models in Siemens and beyond. The interactive, curriculum-linked stage show explores modern women’s groundbreaking contributions to science, technology and engineering.

Our SeeWomen resources are part of an extensive online portal of STEM education and careers content. The free to all Portal reaches millions of pupils in the classroom providing pupils, teachers and parents with a comprehensive suite of STEM learning activities and interactive games based on real-life opportunities in the industry. This includes Siemens digital badges – micro credentials that you can earn for your digital CV.

The future of mobility

We worked with BMW Group to create new digital learning resources to help teachers bring a hands-on and smarter approach to sustainability. The updated BMW Group Education programme features ‘Intelligent Living’ (i-Living) helping pupils aged 11-16 years understand the sustainability and mobility challenges facing our future, investigating issues like global development, urbanisation and energy use. The Careers profiles give young people an insight into STEM careers at BMW Group.

Targeting pre-schoolers with Bitz & Bob

We are working with FremantleMedia Kids and Family on the education outreach of a new pre-school series called Bitz & Bob; an action-packed show that encourages engagement with the key principles of STE(A)M. Tune in to CBeebies.

Here’s to a year of celebrating STEM and supporting young people into their future careers by raising the profile of opportunities in STEM.

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