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Being Safe and Seen

As the countdown to Christmas begins and the winter sets in, we look forward to that extra hour in bed. But as British Summer Time ends road safety experts IAM Road Smart, are campaigning for the clocks not to change, because of the safety risks that come with darker evenings.

Statistics from Department for Transport show that almost a quarter (22%) of children injured on the roads during 2016 were hurt between 3pm and 5pm.The likelihood of a child being involved in a crash on the way home from school increases by 20% over winter. Here are our tips for staying safe over the festive season:

  • Wear bright and reflective clothing and accessories if you’re walking and it’s getting dark. You can even purchase hi-vis leads and flashing collars to make sure your family pet is safe too.
  • Check all your car lights are working properly, especially your dipped headlights, as you may need these for reduced daylight conditions.
  • Look out for reflective road signs and motorway studs that help you drive in poor light, these can be used to guide you with your journey.
  • Be mindful of children and other vulnerable road users who are outdoors in the evenings.


If you have a child under 5 make sure to check out The Children’s Traffic Club. The programme focuses on active travel and road safety, teaching your little one the rules of the road through a multi-sensory experience. It includes a stand-alone storybook, flash cards and a free app unlocking an augmented reality experience ensuring your little one is safe when out and about.

Don’t forget to change your clocks Sunday 28th at 2am, otherwise you might find you get to work an hour early on Monday!