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Prestigious Global Award Win for The Children's Traffic Club London

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The Children’s Traffic Club working in partnership with Morton Michel

Bringing STEM to Life

There are challenges in inspiring young people into STEM.

With limited engaging careers information available to schools, understanding of the true variety of jobs and careers within STEM, and valuing the role that STEM professionals play in society, can we enrich STEM education and create less confusion?

I entered the STEM sector in 2006, working on the London Engineering Project with the Royal Academy of Engineering. Here I worked with the Engineering Faculty at London South Bank University to inspire, inform and encourage young people across London about STEM subjects. I was motivated by the people that I met, and the role engineers play in society; past, present and future. Throughout my career I have worked in many fields ranging from; museums, cybersecurity, rail, construction, BIM (Building Information Modelling), aviation, governance and impact; all with a focus of improving the learner journey. I’ve been privileged to have seen some breath-taking engineering feats!

In recent years there has been a shift in media outputs that have included at one end TV documentaries on projects such as Crossrail and Tideway and at the other the Cbeebies animation series Bitz & Bob. The current level of infrastructure development happening both in the UK and internationally provides wonderful real-world examples to younger people on how they can join in, create a legacy and change the world!

STEM is an underpinning sector to society. Providing young people with experiences and careers information that allows them to make informed decisions in choosing a STEM career or not is vital in meeting the skills gap we currently face. Education and engagement tools have evolved vastly over time, as new and immersive technologies develop they allow us to tell stories in the most compelling ways. By partnering with industry, leveraging their innovation and shaping it for a range of education settings, allows us to bring complex engineering to life, and provide real context for our young audiences.  This coupled with meaningful progressive educational materials that create a clear pipeline into the sector and enrich the STEM curriculum.  Working in collaboration is a key to achieving our mutual goal to close this gap and create a new and lasting pool of STEM professionals.