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Living Life on the Left

We’ve come a long way since left handers were considered inferior, blamed for witchcraft or forced to write with their right hand in school, with their left arm tied behind them. Only 10% of the population are left handed and a few of us happen to be in the office, so in celebration of International Left Handers day we’ve picked out the craziest facts we could find about left handers…

  1. Left handed people are surprisingly better at sports; this could be due to the fact that lefties get more opportunities to play right handers than vice versa.
  2. The last five Presidents in America have been left handed, coincidence? A theory by a Dutch researcher explains that left-handed candidates may have an advantage when televised. This is because their mirror image makes them seem as if they’re gesturing with a right hand which is subconsciously interpreted as ‘good.’
  3. Famous British lefties include the Queen, Prince William, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Ross Kemp, David Bowie and Pierce Brosnan.
  4. Mothers over forty may be more likely to have left-handed babies, according to a study in New England.
  5. The word ‘left’ stems from the old English word ‘lyft’ which means ‘weak’.


Raise a hand to all those lefties in your life today, or even try doing things the left handed way for the day!