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Prestigious Global Award Win for The Children's Traffic Club London

Road Safety Week: Cycle, Scoot, Ride and Walk the Safe Way

It is Road Safety Week and here at Zinc we want to highlight two resources that help young people stay safe when out and about; BMW’s ‘Safe on the Streets’ and ‘The Children’s Traffic Club’.

This year’s Road Safety Week theme is Bike Smart. With 2018’s focus on health and the environment there is a real movement towards active travel. Why not replace a short journey with exercise that takes care of you and the planet?

However, whether in the car or out, incidents concerning road safety often occur near to school. We want to make sure that children are receiving the education they need in being able to enjoy their journey to and from school whilst remaining vigilant!

The Children’s Traffic Club’ is a resource tailored for early years learning on this subject; values involving health and safety taught from an early age set children up for life. ‘The Children’s Traffic Club’ teaches under 5’s the fundamentals of staying safe when out and about. Using fun and interactive learning methods, children can engage with AR and colourful characters to instil a deep understanding of safety methods at a formative age.

By age 11, lots of children want to walk home from school. BMW’s ‘Safe on the Streets’ is a Key Stage 2 animated resource bringing road safety to life in the classroom. Whilst gaining independence, this is a perfect time to make sure that children are aware of how to be safe in the car, near the road and when in engaging in active travel.

Getting more children out and about is great, let’s make sure they are smart on a bike, in the car and on the streets.