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Siemens Maths Conference

We supported Siemens in showcasing their resources at The Association of Teachers of Mathematics and The Mathematical Association annual conference 2019. The conference offers members invaluable opportunities to explore new ideas and to learn first-hand about the latest developments in mathematics education and be inspired by the wide range of sessions available.


The Siemens Education session focussed on why Siemens is committed to supporting STEM education in the UK and enabled teachers to play, take away copies of and consider ways to use the KS3&4 Maths resource Formula for Thrills.  Formula for Thrills puts maths in a real-world environment through a variety of stimulating contexts based on a theme park. Each context aims to help students understand how mathematical thinking is used by the engineers, designers, mechanics and planners whose job it is to entertain and thrill people, keep them safe and to look after their needs while enjoying the park.  Teachers attending also had the chance to learn more about the latest interactive learning tool we have created for Siemens –  Ingenious Engineering.