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Staying Cool in School: Four Simple Hacks

First days can be daunting; the long walk up to the school gates, forgetting your pencil case with the fresh highlighters in, the hope that you get on with pupils in your class… and the dreaded new paperwork processes. For some of us grown-ups that ‘back to school’ September feeling is real.

Teachers, we have got Grade A – sorry, Grade 9 – tips on how to get ready for the new term. So, whether you’re excited to be back or counting down to half term, our teacher’s advice will help make that first day a walk in the playground.

  1. Don’t Over Prepare

The temptation may be to plan every single lesson to the tiniest detail. Don’t! Get to know your classes and understand how they like to learn before piling ahead with exactly how you’ll teach the complete works of Shakespeare. Of course, some planning is necessary but don’t get trapped by your own lesson design. Leave space for the magic of spontaneity and creative intuition.

  1. Minimalism Works

You have countless supplies and projects to introduce to your students and so many decorations for your walls. Yet, it can be helpful to start with a blank slate and add things gradually. Empty walls encourage students to do their own good work to cover them and putting out too many supplies at once can be overwhelming.

  1. Find New Experiences

Kids love trips. With theatre dates, museum exhibitions and film showings all being released in the back to school period, now is the perfect time to plan something fun for your pupils and bring new texture to their learning. Our favourites include the range of tailored school visits offered by Merlin Schools London.

  1. Decrease Workload

All teachers are time poor. If you need inspiration for your lessons and want to bring something new to class this year then check out the wealth of educational resources we have created. Our work tackles current topics such as STEM and the Environment with real world context, from leading experts such as Siemens and Tideway. Let them do the work!

You have Mrs Baker to thank for these tips, be sure to leave an apple on her desk. We hope you keep the energy and excitement of a brand new year at school lasting well into term time.

Check out some of our off the shelf resources and suggested school trips below:

Merlin Schools London – Today’s Lesson Will Be

Tideway – Primary, Secondary & Post 16 resources 

Siemens – KS2, KS3, KS4 resources + digital badges