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Children’s Traffic Club success recognised by PMIRSA

Zinc Communicate attended the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards: 30th Anniversary Celebration on 9 November 2017, to mark the success of Children’s Traffic Club.

Since the early 1990’s more than 3 million UK children have grown up with The Children’s Traffic Club. The programme uses story books and online learning apps to teach children aged 3-5 about road safety, active travel choices and traffic danger. Recognised with the Premier Award in 2006, the awards recognised CTC as “a valuable contribution to child safety growing from strength to strength and moved with times’.

Bharti Bhikha, Managing Director, Zinc Communicate, said about the event “since the programme’s inception, we are proud that it remains effective as an educational programme for pre-school children and continues to contribute to the reduction of child casualties on our roads. We thank HRH Prince Michael of Kent for his commitment and PMIRSA for its recognition”.

Read more about the awards here.