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Imagine a constant ringing in your ears – no it’s not the soundtrack to city life, Wham! still playing from your headphones, or a bee misinterpreting your floral shirt, but it is still driving you mad. In support of the BTA’s Tinnitus Week, we investigate what tinnitus is and how effective earplugs are in protecting your ears if you’re out at a gig, club or music festival.

According to the British Tinnitus Association, tinnitus ‘is the sensation of hearing a sound when there is no external source’. Everyone’s tinnitus is different: it can vary from a ringing sound to a whistling, buzzing, crackling or even pulsating sensation with differences in frequency and volume. This can be caused by a bad ear infection, being exposed to loud volumes or even stress and anxiety.

We spoke to Liam, a techno DJ who explained how wearing good earplugs when out clubbing “gives a cleaner, clearer perception of the music”. Liam first started out with universal fit earplugs but upgraded to custom moulds as “they’re nicely fitted so they don’t put any pressure on your ears and are comfortable to wear for long periods”. They also offer various filter options to reduce noise for different environments and activities, from playing acoustic guitar to playing drums, from clubbing to working in construction.

Beyond the stigma of looking “uncool” or “embarrassing”, Liam says ear plugs allow you to focus on the music, “hear it and feel it in your body and at the same time easily have a spoken conversation without raising your voice”.

Famous DJ/Producer Mark Ronson suffers from tinnitus and is an ambassador for the British Tinnitus Association’s campaign ‘Plug’em’. The campaign offers music lovers detailed information about the different types of ear plugs available and implores young people to look after their hearing before it’s too late.

As well as using earplugs, remember you can enjoy music whilst avoiding tinnitus by practising safe levels of personal listening through your headphones, taking regular breaks, and keeping a good distance from speakers at festivals or clubs.

Listen Up – top tips for which earplugs to choose;

  • Love clubbing? Invest in some Universal Fit earplugs to groove without grief
  • 24 hour party person? Custom Moulds are the ones for you
  • Addicted to podcasts? Turn the volume down and your ears will adjust, trust us!

If you’d like to support this campaign, read more, or to raise awareness please go to

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