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When Nature Calls – World Toilet Day

When it comes to going to the toilet it’s hard to imagine there not being one. Unless of course you’re taking a family camping trip, or going to a festival, and even then you can pay extra to get a VIP toilet pass to wash away the anxiety of unhygienic toilets. With toilets being a fundamental in most buildings, we really do overlook places that still lack access to improved sanitisation.

Today 19th of November Zinc is supporting World Toilet Day. It is especially important to raise awareness of this subject as the world is not on track to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6: to ensure availability and sustainable management of sanitation and water for all by 2030.

This year’s theme “When Nature Calls,” focuses on nature-based solutions (NBS) to sanitisation. As well as the water crisis (drought, rising sea levels, drinking water) that affects how our environment engages with the power of the eco-system. Such solutions include creating composting toilets that capture and treat human waste; the output then creates a free supply of fertiliser to help grow crops, human wetlands, and reed-beds that can filter out waste water before it’s released back into water courses.

But the important question becomes how can we help?



The World Health Organisation (WHO) is hosting a webinar on World Toilet Day. Register for free and join in at 2:30pm to hear them talk all things toilets and sanitisation, with a Q&A moderated by Carlos Carrion-Crespo, ILO, representing the UN-Water World Toilet Day Task Force. You can also take a look at any events happening near you on the World Toilet Day website, read or submit stories of your own experiences. Why not highlight your awareness across social media showing that you ‘give a crap’? Together we can get the messages to the right people, helping us to take action to ensure that everyone has a safe toilet by 2030.

Don’t forget the hashtags! #WorldToiletDay #WhenNatureCalls

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