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Why I Chose an Apprenticeship…

I still think young people may be confused about what opportunities lay ahead of you as an apprentice. Your pathway at school after A-Levels leads you to apply for universities through UCAS. However, if the application process for apprenticeships was as supported as that, would this be a more popular choice for young people? With a reported 30% drop in uptake of apprenticeships since the levy came into place, employers have also struggled to introduce apprenticeships into their workplaces.

As an apprentice myself, (who has already graduated from a university degree too) I wanted to explain my top reasons for choosing an apprenticeship.


Every young person is worried about finances and debt, whether or not they’ll be able to pay rent if they move out, or buy a car. By choosing an apprenticeship you can start saving with your first paycheck without the worry of a student loan! There’s also other ways you can save money, just like a university student, for example, an NUS Apprentice card, where you’ll get student discount in a variety of shops or an Apprentice Oyster card which gives you a discount from a weekly or monthly travel card.


You learn skills that are based on the job you want to do, you’re able to learn in a working environment and become a part of a work team. Although you’ll still have to do some studying, what you’re learning will complement your new skills, which definitely makes it easier to help you transition into full-time work.


Depending on your job role and company, you’re more likely to be employed once your apprenticeship is completed, especially as you’ve grown in your role with the company. If you’re not kept on you, you’ll already have a year’s experience under your belt in an industry that you want to work in.


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