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World Mental Health Day: What got you talking?

For this year’s World Mental Health Day Zinc Communicate takes a look at how the importance of caring for our internal worlds is being communicated in the public sphere. These three campaigns have made us think differently about mental health and the ways we can bring it to light.

The spectrum of mental health issues is vast. It can mean recognising anxiety triggers, finding ways to be positive, or sharing concerns with friends, to battling with depression, handling trauma, and suicidal thoughts. Mental health affects everyone.

From awareness through to action, Zinc Communicate hope that the positive effects of this year’s campaigns have caught your attention and will keep mental health on everyone’s agenda.

  1. Project 84

It would be difficult not to include CALM’s installation Project 84 in this roundup of campaigns. Project 84 is an emotionally forceful, physical representation of 84 male suicide victims perched atop a building. It is impossible to ignore the shocking fact that 84 men per week take their own lives. Whilst promoting this unnoticed statistic, it also humanises the fact. Every figure represents a suicide victim whose families contributed to the creation and personal narration attached to this project. Read their stories here.

  1. I’m Fine Tee

How often do you say ‘I’m fine’ without meaning it?

Politeness may make our feelings invisible, as we can easily mask sadness with the words ‘I’m fine.’  #Mentalhealthistrending is a movement pioneered by Heartknoxx who sells branded t-shirts with the slogan ‘I’m Fine’. By printing the phrase on a t-shirt, Heartknoxx boldly asks the public to challenge hidden meanings behind our casual use of the phrase.

Perhaps this t-shirt reminds us that listening, and replying, with a little more sincerity when asking how someone is could go a long way.

3. The Lidl Bakery

Cup of tea and a chat? I bet you can think of an example where speaking to someone about a problem helped you feel a little lighter.

The Lidl Bakery provides a space for just that. Lidl Ireland will donate all proceeds to their partner Jigsaw, a youth mental health charity who advocate for children to talk to #OneGoodAdult. Everyone needs someone to confide in and a safe space to do so.

We are pleased to see such an important issue being communicated in creative ways that demand attention and effect real change. We hope that the subject of mental wellbeing remains visible so that we can all remember to take care of the invisible part of ourselves.