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Making every cup of tea a green tea!

When Ahlstrom wanted to showcase how technology and product innovation in the tea industry can help protect the environment, they turned to Zinc.



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Cross-platform campaign touch points

As a company that prides itself on producing products for everyday life, Ahlstrom wanted to change customers' perceptions of 'every day' tea with their environmentally friendly tea bags.
Zinc created a digital, print and event marketing campaign to tell the story of how Ahlstrom use their expertise and knowledge to provide sustainable solutions to their customers. The campaign also promoted Ahlstrom's new eco-friendly portfolio and its environmental benefits.

Tremendous Response

The full suite of campaign collateral included a customised microsite, direct mail and exhibition materials, and featured a short animated film on YouTube and PPC marketing.
The campaign increased awareness amongst existing customers about Ahlstrom's sustainable products and generated new customer leads. During the 8 week digital campaign the film received over 30,000 views on YouTube.

The project was quite complex with a lot of elements to it and a big challenge to adapt the campaign to very different media streams. They managed to capture the essence of the campaign and seamlessly apply it to all our needs, including an impactful digital campaign.

Veronique Delannoy, Ahlstrom-Munksjö