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‘Don’t Hate the Debate’

‘British values’ is a term we’ve gotten used to hearing lately. BBC Teach asked us to create a series of educational films dissecting what it means to be British today.



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‘Don’t Hate the Debate’

So, what does it mean to be British today? Of course, the answer is different for everyone. This is why Zinc decided to approach the brief by creating a lively series of conversational debates that broke down and examined the core elements of citizenship.
We chose a diverse mix of young presenters who could each offer a unique insight into a topic that is complex and entirely subjective.
Focussing on politics, citizenship and acknowledging the UK’s rich cultural history, this easy going series features four young presenters tackling some meaty issues around life in the UK today.

Engagement in debate

Six episodes cover everything from British values, immigration and racism to multiculturalism, representation, the media and voting systems. Set in a studio, intercut with live action/animated VTs and neon graphical slates, this series works beautifully to create engagement in debate and a jump off point for class activity: dovetailing happily into a KS4 curriculum which differs across the UK.
These films will help pupils regardless of ability, feel informed and inspired to participate in their own conversations around citizenship. Continuing BBC Teach’s mission to provide schools with exciting and engaging content, this fast paced discussion successfully hits an impressive range of curriculum points in a lively opinionated manner.