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For over two decades now Zinc have been responsible for The BMW Group Education website and its multi award winning programmes.



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BMW’s iLiving, one of the main programmes on the website, teaches the next generation about living sustainably so that they make their choices intelligently. Zinc designed and created this interactive online resource for KS3 and KS4 students to inspire young people to imagine and explore a world of future mobility.
The resource builds students’ understanding of the global to the local, widening the perspective on the decisions they make. Split into three online modules, ‘Global Development’, ‘Sustainable Mobility’ and ‘Sustainable World’, each lesson contains detailed teachers notes, lesson plans and an interactive presentation, with quizzes that students can also take independently.

Safe on the Streets

Alongside Sustainability, Safety is a core part of BMW’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Zinc created Safe on the Streets to teach primary school children about the rules of the road.
BMW’s ‘Safe on the Streets’ consists of a mix of activity sheets and online modules with teacher’s notes that instruct on group activities, paired or individual work. Arming children aged 7-11 with fundamental guidelines and helping them develop life-long awareness skills.
BMW Group Education Programme is multi award winning, including two IVCA Awards and a Prince Micheal Road Safety Award.