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Bitz & Bob STEM Activation

Zinc spreads the word about Bitz and Bob, a pioneering, interactive pre-school show which combines the power of compelling storytelling and the principles of STEM.


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Bitz & Bob is co-produced by our client Boat Rocker Media who tasked Zinc with building a community of advocates in STEM to share Bitz & Bob education related content to their followers.
Currently airing on CBeebies this chart topping animation puts a female engineer in the leading role, providing a gentle introduction to the principles of science and engineering through creative crafting, invention exploration and experimentation.

Inspiring the next generation

Through a nationwide outreach programme, Zinc cemented Bitz & Bob in the STEM landscape as a real, accessible, and fun solution for Early Years learning. We inspired advocacy for the show by creating partnerships with established charities who share our aim for gender equality in future generations of engineers.
With over 15 million BBC iPlayer requests to date and an amazing market share of one third, Zinc will continue to grow and strengthen their place as leading in the Early Years STEM space.