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BTG Journey

As a global specialist healthcare company, BTG wanted to humanise ‘interventional medicine’ for the public and show that patients are at the heart of what they do.


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BTG Journey

Animation played a key part in Zinc being able to show audiences the basics of interventional medicine without reverting to life-like recreations reminiscent of school books.
A film with three parts was developed; explaining interventional medicine, the history of BTG, and the important role it will have in the future of medicine. A rainbow palate, spaceships, and human hands were employed in the animation to give the subject matter an appealing aesthetic.

Told without the jargon

Using a range of real human voices and accents was vital to making this film widely relatable, so Zinc made sure that actual staff were involved in the making of this.
The animation Zinc achieved was a fun, informal, personable portrayal of interventional medicine that simplified a complex subject and told the story without jargon.