An agency for change

City University

Towering ambitions

In the highly competitive education market, City University London had a vision of being in the top 2% of the world's universities so turned to Zinc to help.


The Children's Traffic Club

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Marks and Spencer
Visionary and inspirational film

City were looking to attract and retain academic talent, encourage the development of business and educational partnerships globally, and to secure funding from the University's board.
Zinc let the progressive and international focus of City University speak for itself in this beautifully shot film which shows the natural rhythm of this university's life in action.

Attention grabbing

The film is featured on the City University website, at City events and exhibitions and at stakeholder meetings.
Zinc used a top Director of Photography to achieve these beautiful images along with two cameras on the shoot to maximise shooting time.
To date, the film has 17,000 views on YouTube.

"A brilliant video - makes me a proud alumni"

City University Alumni