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Drama Playscripts

Drama Playscripts

Drama is a great way to teach hard hitting topics in a digestible way and the playscripts cover topics including road safety, peer pressure, bullying, healthy eating, substance abuse, human trafficking and many others.



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Teaching hard hitting topics

For many years now we have been promoting personal and community safety through a range of educational resources, from simple information leaflets to interactive DVDs and GCSE level drama playscripts.
These GCSE, BTEC and ‘A’ level plays are ideal for school productions and one act drama festivals. With strong narratives and themes focused on young people, these plays are ideal to perform and study with students and for reading within English lessons.
Four of our most popular plays are also available as eBooks.

Latest release

The collection now includes the latest play by Mark Wheeller, Game Over which tells the harrowing story of Breck Bednar, who was groomed via the internet and brutally murdered on 17th February 2014 by someone he met online.
Breck's story is told in Mark's potent 'verbatim' style, using the words of his family, friends and the killer.
It's a shocking but powerful story, with a unique 21st Century message.