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Ella’s Kitchen

Tiny tots with tiny taste buds

To support Ella’s Kitchen ‘Good in Every Sense’ campaign, Zinc were tasked with developing a preschool and nursery engagement experience.


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Preschool and nursery engagement

Zinc reinforced Ella’s Kitchen’s position as the first choice for healthy food for babies and toddlers by demonstrating the importance of feeding children well, right from the beginning.
Early development is a crucial time to implement good habits like healthy eating. Zinc supported Ella’s Kitchen ‘Good in Every Sense’ campaign by designing a preschool and nursery engagement experience to engage their target market: parents with toddlers.

Feed Our Senses interactive game

Ella’s Explorers Feed Our Senses was developed as an ‘exploratory sensory adventure’ for tiny tots with tiny taste buds.
Zinc encouraged the early stimulation of toddlers’ senses by playing an interactive game to match colour, texture and smell to the food item.
The programme also included trying finger-food, sensorial play, games, songs and rhymes for parents and toddlers.