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Marks in Time interactives

To celebrate their 125th anniversary, M&S wanted to bring the fascinating collections of the M&S Archive to life and giving them relevancy.


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Marks in Time interactives

Zinc developed four fun interactive games that sit on The Marks in Time website which gives access online to M&S's collection of heritage items dating from the company's founding in 1884.
The suite of interactive and fun games that all ages, across the generations, can enjoy, while learning about the past of M&S, include Time Trend, Take the Biscuit!, Dressed in Time and Fashion Match.

History Mystery

Zinc also undertook the design and printing of a new resource booklet for use during My M&S History Mystery school workshops.
The resource enables primary pupils, to complete a custom-made workbook, which contains cut-out elements to make a collage of an historic M&S store, complete with products, customers and employees using information found in the exhibition.