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PZ Cussons
'Nationwide Education'

For over a decade Zinc supported Nationwide’s commitment to building lifeskills programmes in financial capability, sustainable living, employability and safety, via the 'Nationwide Education' portal.
Since its inception in 2007 a plethora of multimedia programmes were developed and added. Each new addition to the site harnessed and integrated the emerging technology at the time, including augmented reality and animation, to continue to engage with the changing needs of its audiences.
These multi award winning resources for ages two to 18+ were designed to stimulate learning and develop knowledge and confidence and were linked to all the UK’s national Curricula.
A section for staff on employee engagement, complete with animated online learning modules, was also added.

Targeting adult audiences

We have also developed educational websites aimed at adults, to support product launches. These include two websites: ‘Your Money’, to support new customers with information on managing their money, and 'Your Student Money', providing useful information for those planning to go to university or college.

Additionally highly acclaimed interactive online guides were added: five in a suite covering home buying and selling and four in a suite on money matters.

Zinc is proud of the many awards which have been won by individual programmes developed for Nationwide Education and the accolades these education and community programmes have received over the years, including the BiTC Big Tick.