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Steph's Story

This series of films was aimed at young NEETs, a notoriously hard-to-engage audience. With entertaining drama in a realistic setting, we aimed to bring to life the skills they needed to improve their social skills and manage their emotions in a work environment.

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Leah Harris led this project.

Teaching work skills to the unemployed

The suite of 4 films demonstrated interview techniques, overcoming stress and conflict and how to behave in the workplace.

By spending a day with one of the top youth workers in the country we found out how to get underneath the skin of the audience. From this we created an entertaining and credible drama ‘soap’ with a lively script which embedded the key messages seamlessly.

Effecting change

Skilled for Life is a programme of qualifications and resources, supporting unemployed learners to become work-ready. The films provided a stimulus for trainers to generate class discussions which would reinforce the key learning points

'They approached our video requirements with intelligence, creativity and complete commitment, interpreting our needs and listening and responding to our feedback throughout.

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