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Carex – Hands Up for Hygiene

Zinc were approached by Carex to create a campaign to teach preschoolers the importance of handwashing.



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Carex – Hands Up for Hygiene

To effect real long-term change Zinc created Hands Up for Hygiene: a campaign that targeted early years at the ages where habits are formed and last a lifetime.
The emotional bond between parent and child in ‘keeping their children in good health’ was a leading drive in the creation of a campaign that would involve preschool practitioners, parents and the children themselves.
Working with strategic partners, Public Health and other key influencers, we devised a series of imaginative activities where handwashing was a core part of the daily routine.

A huge national response

Hands Up for Hygiene received a huge national response. 48% of Local Authorities adopted the initiative in their schools and supported it with spin off community-based activities, engaging 1.4 million under 5's.
Brand engagement was particularly high; Zinc included the opportunity to receive promotional content from Carex in the programme, the redemption of which exceeded our target.
Zinc successfully enabled Carex to reach parents and communicate the health benefits of handwashing as well as showing that they are a brand that cares.