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Wise Up

On behalf of MSD Zinc helps girls wise up to the link between HPV and cervical cancer to support the implementation of HPV Vaccination programme in UK secondary schools.


The Ramblers

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Wise Up Toolkit

Zinc created a highly engaging programme that simply and effectively communicates public health messaging, teaching young people about STIs and HPV. The award winning resources were informed by research and focus group activity with school nurses and teachers. The multi-media toolkit features film, music and Prezi style presentations, supported by lesson plan and worksheets, aimed at empowering pupils to deal with situations they may encounter as relationships mature.
Zinc approached the stimulus films in an entertaining way, still handling the sensitive messaging about HPV and STIs well, whilst remaining ABPI compliant.

HPV Girl Talk and Wise Up to STIs

In Wise Up to STIs Zinc created a narrative in a rap battle scenario between boyfriend and girlfriend. Tongue in cheek 3D animated characterisations of the STIs rapped about the different infections. By opting for lighthearted and fun the film managed to get the right message to a young audience without being sexually explicit or too scientific.
Supported by SAPHNA (The School and Public Health Nurse Association) the resources won gold in the Pharmaceutical Society Marketing Awards.
Young people’s health is a key subject for Zinc, come to us if you want to drive behaviour change and educate a young audience.