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Seewomen stageshows

Zinc empower Siemens in an innovative way to tackle the lack of girls and young women choosing to follow a STEM career.


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Electrifying live shows

'Seewomen' is a flexible live stageshow placing the spotlight on modern STEM female role models in Siemens and beyond. It explores women’s ground breaking contributions to science, technology and engineering, recognising the need to raise the profile and understanding of the variety, range and scope of jobs and careers available within industry.
We created the wow factor by working with scientist and CBeebies presenter Fran Scott, whose electrifying live stage experiments take the audience on a journey into the world of STEM.
The aim of the project, developed in collaboration with the Girls School Association (GSA), is to motivate girls to set future goals and raise their aspirations.

Digital badges

All students involved in the Project receive a special Siemens ‘SeeWomen’ digital badge, which aims to recognise and reward young people for developing STEM skills within and outside of the classroom.
Feedback from the showcases highlighted that the majority of girls after the shows could imagine themselves in a STEM career and felt more inspired and informed about the variety of careers available to them in STEM.
Teachers have also remarked that the show is a highly effective, informative and fun way to engage students with careers in STEM.