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Siemens wanted to reach into the education sector and build long-term sustainable relationships using a purpose designed educational resource that showcased both its intellectual leadership and on-going support for innovation and entrepreneurship.



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Drama Playscripts
STEM Champions

To address the STEM skills gap in the UK, we worked with Siemens to create an online portal of free mixed media STEM education and careers content. Siemens Education brings science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education to life, exciting and engaging young people with real world problem solving and creativity in engineering and technology.
It comprises a range of resources from highly interactive schemes of work, for practical application in the classroom, to engaging 3D games, including Siemen’s Island, based on some of the most ground breaking industrial projects and technologies in the UK.

Augmented reality app

The latest interactive learning tool we have created for Siemens is the Ingenious Engineering App, an engaging way to learn more about inventions and innovations in engineering. The augmented reality feature, where you can see inside the human body, is triggered by a personalised Siemens T shirt!
The education programme has expanded to include live science events and Open Badges, supporting and inspiring future generations of young engineers.
Around 4.5 million pupils and students have benefited from the award winning programme to date, with an international reach.

Zinc has supported us from inception through to our education site becoming a global award winner and we consider them as a valuable part of our team.

Brenda Yearsley