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Young Performer Magazine

Zinc have worked with the Stagecoach Performing Arts for years on the design, artwork, content creation and distribution of their well loved Young Performer publication.


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Engaging drama students

Young Performer magazine is a powerful tool used to engage drama students and members of the Stagecoach talent agency in the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Canada and Australia. It is included as part of the membership pack and is distributed by Zinc to the mailing list midway through term, reaching all of its 30,000 members aged 4-18. Stagecoach is also available to buy and therefore advertises Stagecoach to the wider public.
The magazine has a unique dual format; one side is for children aged up to 10 and the flip side is for children aged 11-18.

Aspirational content

The content looks at all elements of performing arts and includes a range of things; ‘Curtain Call’ interviews with members who have been in recent shows and industry specific questions like ‘how to deal with audition nerves’ answered by senior staff. There are also fun things like brain teasers and quizzes as well as competitions to enter.

Young Performer Magazine is full of aspirational content that drives members to reach for the stars!