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Syngenta wanted to change young people's perceptions of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and support their development of STEM skills.

Building on the company's reputation in the education sector, we delivered successful education campaigns to engage young people with the topic of chemistry and modern farming.



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Anne Widjaja led this project.

The Syngenta Periodic Table

We created a free, interactive periodic table resource to help young people understand the role chemistry plays in everyday life. Students conduct experiments in a virtual laboratory ('Reaction Zone') and watch their chemical reactions happen on film, or get to grips with real-life chemistry as they explore and manipulate compound structures in 3D.

Farm Tech Challenge

To demonstrate Syngenta's commitment to nurturing skills and innovation in young people, we designed a schools competition for students (ages 12-16+ years) to create an app that helps farmers grow more from less, while protecting the natural environment. As part of our suite of support materials for teachers, we created an interactive, animated presentation about global food security and farming tech to inspire students with a 'big picture' challenge of feeding the world's growing population.