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Thames Water

Water - what's the big deal?

Thames Water were looking to promote the Thames Water Education Centre to education practitioners through their website and social media channels.


Cartoon Network

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Water tells 'her' own story

Zinc successfully pitched a curriculum linked, lively animation in response to the brief, featuring 'Water' as a character telling 'her' story about the journey of water and its different uses.
We used Thames Water’s new branding in the fun and engaging animation, visually themed with repeating circles, to tell the brand's story to an audience of children and adults.

New style adopted

The brand and marketing team were thoroughly impressed by our work and have adopted the style of the animation as their 'go to' example for external communications.

By evoking the power of the (animated) elements, Zinc are successfully helping to promote the Thames Water Education Centre to both practitioners and children.

The video you produced is absolutely fantastic. It follows our brand guidelines, it represents our tone of voice and certainly has the appeal factor that it needed. We’re really looking forward to working with you on the next film!

Brand and Marketing Project Manager, Thames Water