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The Thames Tideway Tunnel

Zinc were challenged with making London’s super sewer, seem cool for Tideway, as part of their drive to raise interest and uptake in STEM related careers.



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Unearthing STEM careers with London’s Super Sewer

Zinc found a solution for The Thames Tideway Tunnel by bringing London’s super sewer above ground and allowing students to interact with it.
How? Zinc created the Tunnelworks AR app. By using this free app, KS3 and 4 students can activate an AR simulation of the impressive Tunnel Boring Machine (TMB) showing how it functions and also see a breakdown of parts to investigate different sections of the technology used, within the context of Design & Technology. Now, students you can see exactly what is going on 65 metres underneath London.

Schools outreach programme

In conjunction with the creation of the Tunnelworks app, Zinc led a schools outreach programme that connected this huge infrastructure project with the communities it is local to, supporting STEM Ambassadors in offering curriculum linked workshops for schools.
By offering this interactive approach we created genuine interest in career pathways into STEM, unearthing the vast opportunities in the industry for young people to aspire to.
If your industry has a skills objective to inspire young people, talk to Zinc about ways to contextualise your world in an educational space and drive real interest.

‘This innovative app brings one of the country’s biggest infrastructure projects to life in 3D in an easily accessible way for young people, giving them a unique insight into life as an engineer or in the construction industry’

Tideway’s Education Programme Co-ordinator