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Vodafone's M-Pesa is a mobile technology that enables billions of people with limited access to bank accounts with a way to pay their bills, transfer money and receive their wages via text message.


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Leah Harris led this project.

Combatting financial exclusion and crime

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of M-Pesa, we created a 'shareable' short form film for Vodafone's social media channels. The film interweaves real life stories to illustrate how M-Pesa has contributed to a 'bigger picture' with mobile technology reducing poverty and improving financial inclusion across the world. We used an innovative animation style with captions to ensure the film could be adapted into multiple languages.

Telling moving personal stories

We chose 3 very personal stories that demonstrated the power that M-Pesa brings to people who can’t take the convenience of a bank account for granted

"We love the film. Thanks so much for your hard work!"