Podcast & Radio

We make award-winning podcasts and radio programmes for broadcasters, platforms, publishers and commercial clients.


We produce entertaining and informative podcasts for brands, institutions, rights owners and digital publishers as well as developing and publishing our own podcast IP.

Recent and current podcasts include Lawrence Dallaglio's Lions Podcast - developed in partnership with London Pride, MainMan – the story of the legendary music rights management company behind David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed; Great Thinkers - spotlighting the most influential British thinkers in partnership with the British Academy, Hear Her Voice - a celebration of the music and lyrics of pioneering women in music through the decades.


Zinc Communicate own and operate two dedicated radio production companies - Brook Lapping and Zinc Audio. Run by award-winning producers Simon Hollis and Melissa FitzGerald respectively, they produce a broad range of radio programmes for the BBC.

Our focus is on thought-provoking, intelligent programming ranging from important documentaries on historical events and pioneering people such as British Black Panthers and Andrea Levy: In Her Own Words; to fascinating formats exploring language, culture, history and arts such as Behind The Buzzwords; Mapping The Future, The Street Photographers Reframing Africa, and The Anatomy of Guilt.

We also specialise in the production or music radio programmes and have created award-winning radio programmes exploring the lives and careers of musical legends including Amy Winehouse, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.