New green beauty content series launched in collaboration with Marie Claire

We all use cosmetics in one form or another. some to make us feel glamorous, some to keep us clean, and others just because we want to. Varying from everyday essentials to decorative cosmetics, this project will represent all types of companies involved in the making, supplying and selling cosmetic and personal care products. However, this industry gets some negative press around ingredients, unsustainable practices and even modern slavery. The cycle between myths, media and consumers needs to be broken. 

This series will do that.  

This eye-opening, myth-busting series, will consist of a series of short-form (3-5 minute) documentary films, shot around the country, featuring human stories from those at the front line of this vital industry 

In a unique collaboration, the content will form part of a strategic marketing campaign aimed at eco-conscious individuals via Marie Claire's impressive network. 

We are currently looking for brands and businesses with a strong sustainable story to tell, so please get in touch with Valerie van der Graaf to find out more.

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