Ukie announces ‘UK: Top of The Game’ - an inspirational documentary series, that brings down the walls around the gaming industry

Today Ukie announced ‘UK: Top of The Game’, an illuminating documentary series, promoting a better understanding of the benefits of the games industry; how games are being used beyond entertainment, showcasing the growth trends, and celebrating diversity within this exploding, powerful sector.

The series will be produced by Zinc Communicate, a division of Zinc Media Group and will be released in the Autumn of this year.

UK: Top of The Game’ will take viewers on an exciting cinematic journey around the country, featuring some of the major players in the industry, as well as gamers at play: A series of short-form films, featuring insightful stories about the gaming and entertainment industry.



These mini documentaries will shine a light on Ukie members driving diversity and protecting young players, as well as highlighting the industry’s contribution to the levelling up agenda, its ongoing work around sustainability and how it’s developing skills of the future.

We’ll hear from Ukie members, leaders, and influencers in the industry as well as politicians, all shaping the future of gaming.

“The UK games industry is a positive force up and down the country and across the world” said Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie. “This documentary series will showcase and celebrate what games is today, providing an up to date look at a progressive, innovative, and thoroughly successful creative industry.”

This forward-looking series comes at an opportune time as the industry declares that the UK market for video games reached a record £7.16bn in 2021, an increase of over 30% from pre-pandemic figures.

“We are truly excited about producing this series with Ukie, to cast the spotlight on the people and organisations at the centre of this powerful industry,” says Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming at Zinc Media Group. “We are looking to bring down the walls around gaming, and challenge perceptions by showing it’s not just for young gamers, it can be for all – and used as a power of good

The content will be featured in the Editor’s Picks section of Independent TV and launched in the Autumn, to align with Ukie Members Day in September 2022. The content will form part of a marketing campaign aimed at parents, players, Ukie members, the games and entertainment industry as well as politicians and influencers in government.

We are currently seeking sponsors to be featured in the documentary, as well as additional media and distribution partners. To find out how you can be involved, please contact Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming,

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