Tony Robinson's Cunningcast

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Tony Robinson is best-known for playing turnip-brained Baldrick who always had 'a cunning plan' in the iconic TV show Blackadder. He's presented countless documentaries throughout his 50-year career, including 20-years on Channel 4's Time Team, inspired by his passion for history and for digging deep into the past to understand more about the present. That's his thing!

In his new cunningly curated podcast, Tony takes the long view on the big stories of the day and delves into other weird and wonderful stories that grab him and make him want to know more about the world around us. He’ll be asking: Why was Stonehenge built? What did the past smell like, was it horrible? Why were pies invented? Why do our dogs love us so much? Amongst other intriguing questions. Along the way, Tony will be joined by experts and special guests, such as Miriam Margolyes, Stephen Fry, Raksha Dave and John Lloyd who help provide some answers.