Only One Earth: Zinc Communicate releases trailer for upcoming 'Sustainable Travel International' documentary series

Only one Earth 

In the universe are billions of galaxies, 

In our galaxy are billions of planets, 

But there is #OnlyOneEarth. 

Let’s take care of it. 


This World Environment Day, Sustainable Travel International has released a trailer of the upcoming documentary series ' Sustainable Travel: Where Next?'. The series will investigate how the tourism industry is coming together to rebuild a more sustainable future and protect the destinations and communities at the heart of travel. The content is produced by Zinc Communicate and will be released in partnership with Sublime Magazine on World Tourism Day in September 2022.    


Using high-end cinematography, ‘Sustainable Travel: Where Next?’ will take viewers to some of the world’s most cherished destinations, showcasing stories of conservation, regeneration, and empowerment. The series will illuminate the ways that tourism transforms the places and communities we visit – both for better and for worse – and reveal how our choices as travellers or businesses affect the future of these destinations.   

‘Sustainable Travel: Where Next?’ will consist of a series of short-form documentary films, featuring insightful stories from the global travel and tourism sector showing how they are driving sustainable travel and protecting these precious destinations. We’ll hear from leaders and influencers in the travel industry, as well as the local people who are the most affected by tourism and at the front line of this powerful movement. 



Sustainable Travel International and Zinc Media Group would like to thank the series’ current co-promotional partners Visit Oslo, Six Senses, YHA Australia, Sonoma County, Park City Utah, St Kitts Tourism, Visit Barbados, Explore Edmonton and South Western Railway.

We are currently seeking additional sponsors with sustainability stories to be featured in the documentary. To find out how you can be involved, please contact Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming, or Valerie Van Der Graaf, Head of Business Programming

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