Zinc Communicate’s Corporate Film Division releases trailer for new documentary series ‘Purposeful Pensions’

‘Purposeful Pensions’, commissioned by the Pensions Management Institute (PMI), is a new multi-part documentary series that investigates how investing your money with purpose can help businesses grow, support the world in becoming more sustainable, and help to deliver a more comfortable and meaningful income in retirement.   

Created by Zinc Communicate, a Zinc Media Group company, the content will be showcased at the Pension Management Institute’s Pinnacle Awards in October. All parts of the series will then be available to watch on the PMI website, The PMI BrightTALK platform, and shared with numerous industry press titles, alongside behind the scenes material.  

“The market value of pension funds is around £2.5 trillion. This is a significant sum of money, that can be used to positively impact the climate change agenda, as well as other key global issues,” says Varsha Gicas​, Director of Commerce & Engagement, PMI.  

“However, there are not enough graduates coming through university set on a career in this huge industry. We want to use this partnership to inspire the next generation and show the exciting careers available in pensions” Varsha goes on to say.  

“Pensions is a topic that does not always get the exposure it deserves and can be complex and misunderstood when it does,” says Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming at Zinc Communicate. “We believe that by using documentary filming techniques, putting the human stories front and centre, we can bring down the walls around the industry and inspire people to take a greater interest in how and why their money is being invested.” 

Gareth Tancred, Chief Executive of the PMI, says: "Pensions can be a powerful force in driving environmental, social, and economic development. We've commissioned this video to show the benefits the pension industry brings to people's lives and the economy. We also want to encourage more people to engage with their pension and consider a career in the industry." 


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