A Week in New York with Bruce and Bob, July 1973

BBC Radio 4, BBC Sounds

Lee Jaffe is an artist, photographer, filmmaker, musician and producer who, fifty years ago in July 1973, booked an unknown act from Jamaica to support an exciting new talent from New Jersey for a week long residency at New York's legendary nightclub, Max's Kansas City. It was a booking that would kick start the now legendary careers of both global superstars.

A fascinating snapshot of a week in the life of one of New York's most celebrated venues of the 70s, where Andy Warhol held court every night with a stunning array of the art world's alternative elite, recalls the years when decadence was de rigueur among the hedonists who lived and breathed sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Presented by Lee Jaffe, and featuring new interviews with Bruce Springsteen and Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell. 

Bruce Springsteen recalls his early memories of meeting Bob Marley.