BMW Group Education, new programme launched

The updated BMW Group Education programme,, features new 3D characters guiding pupils through road safety scenarios in ‘Safe on the Streets’ while a futuristic ‘i-City’ has been developed for pupils to explore in the ‘Intelligent Living’ resource.

‘Safe on the Streets’, the company’s flagship road safety education programme equips pupils aged 7-11 years to make safer every day decisions when walking or cycling on roads, or travelling in the car.

‘Intelligent Living’ (i-Living) helps pupils aged 11-16 years understand the sustainability and mobility challenges facing our future by investigating issues like global development, urbanisation and energy use. i-Living helps pupils understand how applications of science, design and technology can help to limit the impact on the environment.

The ‘Virtual Lab’, a free BMW Group app, includes curriculum linked lessons to show pupils how sustainability and design ideas like upcycling can help reduce carbon footprints. Created in cooperation with the Birmingham Science Centre, it is the first educational app to be launched by the BMW Group and is now available to register for download at .

The launch of the new, curriculum linked education programme continues the BMW Group’s legacy of providing free and accessible education to young people, with a focus on its expertise in road safety and sustainability.

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